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Closed Loop Extractor

Application: CBD oil extraction
Models: 0.25lb,1lb,2lb,5lb,10lb,80lb,CRC

Closed Loop Extractor-0
Closed Loop Extractor-1
Closed Loop Extractor-2
Closed Loop Extractor-3
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What is closed loop bho extractor?Get Latest Price

Closed loop extractor is a device used to extract solvents from solid substances. A closed loop extractor kit is characterized by the separation of air and solvent during the extraction process. The system consists of several specialized units such as solvent storage tanks, recovery tanks and pumps. The solvent can be recycled in the system. Closed loop extractor has been used for many years in the production of CBD oils.After years of research, our closed loop bho extractor is more safer and more efficient.

Materials and models for closed loop bho extractor

The parts of closed loop extractor kits are made of 304 stainless steel. Completely safe at low temperature and high pressure. The solvent tank will fit into the top cover hole. All connections have vacuum clips for easy cleaning. The gasket is specially processed, the temperature range is (-20 - +200) degrees. Tube Type 1.5x 18. The holds 135 g (4.7 oz) dry material. The surfaces are mirror polished.

The main models of our closed loop extractors are: 1lb, 2lb, 5lb, 10lb, 80lb

The Parts of closed loop bho extractor

The closed loop extractor is mainly composed of extractor, tubular heater, evaporator, condenser, oil separator, liquid pump, weighing vent, liquid accumulator, filter, vacuum pump and electric box. The extraction tank and the top of the evaporator are equipped with a defoamer. Closed loop extraction systems are used for plant extraction in a sealed vacuum system. The closed loop system can be maintained during plant extraction without exposing any solvents to the air.

Closed loop bho extractor workflow (taking cannabis as an example):

1. The plant material will be placed in a steel column, also known as the "raw material chamber", "in another separate container, the solvent butane is frozen until it becomes a liquid.

2. The liquid solvent is transferred to the raw material compartment, where the plant raw material will be soaked in the solvent, the solvent will interact with certain compounds in the raw material and remove them from the plant raw material. CBD is the main compound, and different solvents will combine with different natural compounds of cannabinoids.

3. After soaking and dissolving is complete, the solvent mixture leaves the plant stock and moves to the next new room, which contains cannabinoids and delicious terpenes, but also some less desirable terpenes Fats and waxes, these substances can affect the taste, color and psychoactive properties of the product.

4. These excess components can be separated from the solvent in several ways, usually by reducing the temperature - down to -90 degrees Celsius - and the vegetable lipids will be separated using a fine particle filter. remove.

5. At this step, larger, unwanted materials such as waxes and lipids are removed and the temperature can be raised to distill off most of the remaining butane/propane/ethanol solvent. In closed loop extraction systems, such as our X10 or X40 systems, the solvent is collected in another vessel for subsequent batch extraction.

6. The heat treatment concentrate removes most of the solvent, but the remaining CBD concentrate will still contain trace amounts of solvent, and now is the time to finally remove these residual solvents.

7. The final solvent cleaning process may vary depending on your machinery and the desired final product. A reliable method is to use a vacuum drying oven. The concentrate is removed from the collection chamber, sprayed thinly on a small tray to expose as much surface area as possible, and then transferred to the drying oven.

8. Raise the oven temperature high enough to remove residual solvent without burning other valuable cannabinoids and terpenes. What's left in the end is a high-purity CBD extract. Fresh from the drying box, the concentrate is dry and soft, suitable for making powder crystals.

Advantages of closed loop extractor kit:

1. Closed loop extractor kit can be used for very small sample volumes (less than 100ml), using a small amount of reagents and organic solvents (reduced cost), closed-loop system (samples will not be exposed to the atmosphere, preventing contamination and toxicity to humans and flammability of the solvent),

2. The closed loop bho extractor can produce high sample extraction yield, can be fully automated, and the interface of the flow system can be directly connected to the analytical instrument.

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