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Separation Equipment

Centrifuge is a common solid liquid separation equipment, it is also a product on the CBD oil production line, it is used to separate solid particles from liquid in suspension, our centrifuges are divided into stainless steel centrifuge and decanter centrifuge two kinds.

Solid liquid separation equipment brief

Separation equipment can separate the solid and liquid impurities suspended in the medium.

Sort by function.

Metering separator: It mainly completes the preliminary separation and metering of oil, gas and water, and is generally a low-pressure separator.

Production separator: It mainly completes multiple production wells for initial separation and then closed transportation. It is a medium and high pressure separator.

Solid liquid separation equipment working principle

Gravity Separator: Separation is achieved by utilizing the difference in gravity due to the difference in density of liquid, gas and solid.

Cyclone Separator: Separation is achieved by utilizing the different centrifugal forces of liquid, gas and solid when rotating.

Filter Separator: Separation using filter elements or media on the airflow channel

Solid Liquid Separation Equipment

Solid liquid separation equipment is a kind of equipment that separates solid particles from liquid phase in suspension. Mainly used for chemical reaction and material separation, heating and cooling, liquid extraction, gas absorption and other chemical and physical changes in chemical, pharmaceutical, petroleum, dye, biochemical, food and other industrial production processes.

Solid liquid separation can be divided into two categories: one is sedimentation separation, and the other is filtration separation. Sedimentation separation is the process in which particles move relative to the fluid (static or moving); filtration separation is the process in which the fluid moves relative to the solid particle bed to achieve solid-liquid separation. Commonly used solid liquid separation equipment are: stainless steel centrifuge, decanter centrifuge, large cake filter.

Solid Liquid Separation Equipment Selection And Process

●General materials, less budget, choose ordinary flat plate (three-legged) centrifuge

●Large processing capacity, low labor consumption, use scraper under discharge centrifuge

●Selection of horizontal scraper centrifuge for starch materials

●.The particles are loose and the solid particle size is larger, choose a hanging bag centrifuge

●The material with high viscosity and fine solid particles chooses sedimentation centrifuge

GMP standard clean centrifuges are used in medical, biological and food fields

●Inflammable and explosive occasions choose explosion-proof centrifuge

Stainless steel centrifuge

●Principle: In the process of centrifugal filtration, under the action of driving force, the fluid in the suspension (or dust-containing gas) on one side flows to the other side through the pores of the porous medium. In the process of centrifugal sedimentation, under the action of centrifugal force, the suspension added to the drum forms an annular liquid layer, in which solid particles settle on the drum wall to form sediment, and the clarified liquid is discharged through the overflow port or the skimming pipe.

●Application: Widely used in biomedicine, experimental research, petrochemical, agriculture, food hygiene and other fields. It is mainly used to separate solid particles and liquids in suspensions, or to separate two incompatible liquids with different densities in emulsions.

Decanter centrifuge

●Principle: Decanter centrifuge is a kind of horizontal screw discharge and continuous operation sedimentation equipment, which can efficiently centrifuge the material. The material enters the spiral inner cylinder and enters the drum after being accelerated. Under the action of the centrifugal force field, the heavier solid phase deposits on the drum wall to form a sediment layer, which is discharged out of the machine through the slag discharge port; the lighter liquid phase material forms The inner liquid ring continuously overflows the drum from the overflow port at the big end of the drum, and is discharged out of the machine through the liquid discharge port.

●Application: It is suitable for separating suspensions containing solids with a particle size greater than 0.005mm and a concentration range of 2-40%. Widely used in chemical, light industry, pharmaceutical, food, environmental protection and other industries.

Lenticular Filter

●Principle: Lenticular filter is a new type of deep filter, which can be used to replace diatomaceous earth filter to filter, clarify and purify tiny impurities in various liquids. At the beginning of filtration, some small particles can enter or even pass through the pores of the medium, but soon the bridging effect of the particles reduces the pore size of the medium to form an effective barrier. The particles trapped on the surface of the medium after filtration form a filter residue layer called filter cake, and the filtrate that penetrates the filter cake layer is purified filtrate.

●Application: Widely used in microbial and solid filtration of alcohol, syrup and beer in food and beverages; separation of blood products and cells in biopharmaceuticals; chromatographic column protection of enzymes, surfactants and catalysts in chemical products.


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