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Temp Control Equipment

In biochemical industry, food industry, metallurgical industry, bioengineering, pharmaceutical industry, scientific research and other research fields, temperature control equipment is an indispensable laboratory equipment. The temperature control equipment can realize chemical reactions under different temperature conditions, and provide a constant field source with controllable cold and heat, uniform temperature and uniform temperature for experimental research. Among them, our temperature control equipment mainly includes two categories of laboratory cooling equipment and laboratory heating equipment.

Heating equipment in the laboratory

Electric heating jacket, oil bath, magnetic stirrer, electric furnace, high temperature furnace, electric heating constant temperature drying box, etc.;

Cooling equipment in the laboratory

Low temperature pump, high and low temperature integrated machine, low temperature constant temperature reaction bath, ultra low temperature refrigerator.

Laboratory cooling equipment selection and process

cooling chiller

Principle: The working principle of the cryopump is to use the gas to physically adsorb on the ultra-low temperature surface to achieve the effect of exhaust, which is an effective and fast method to obtain a clean vacuum.

Application: The main function is to provide low temperature liquid for rotary evaporator and glass reactor to realize chemical reaction under low temperature conditions, especially suitable for chemical, biological, food industry, metallurgical industry, scientific research, genetic engineering, polymer engineering, etc. low temperature scene.

Heating chiller

Principle: The heating chiller machine adopts the PID temperature control algorithm, uses a single heat exchange medium to control the reaction temperature of the reactor, adopts a fully closed pipeline to reduce the switching process of the reaction medium, reduces the degree of oxidation of the heat transfer medium, and prolongs the the service life of the heat transfer medium.

Application: It can provide a temperature-controlled, uniform temperature environment, widely used in petroleum, chemical, electronic instruments, physics, chemistry, biological engineering, medicine and health, life sciences, light industrial food, physical property testing and chemical analysis research departments , colleges and universities, enterprise quality inspection and production departments.

Low temperature and constant temperature reaction bath

Principle: Low temperature cooling bath controls the temperature of circulating water through the thermal cycle controller to achieve the purpose of low temperature and constant temperature. If the set temperature is higher (or lower), the entire tank should be kept warm to reduce the heat transfer speed and improve the constant temperature accuracy. The stirrer is driven by a small electric motor, and the stirring speed is adjusted by a transmission or a transformer.

Application: It is suitable for low temperature experiments in scientific research, biology, physics, medicine, chemical industry and other departments. It can replace dry ice and liquid nitrogen for low temperature reaction and provide low temperature conditions for related equipment; provide constant temperature experimental field source for petroleum, material, biological and food industry applications; provide low temperature cooling and temperature for electrophoresis instruments, viscometers, medical cold caps and cooling blankets Control; cryogenic cooling and temperature control for electron microscope, molecular pump, ion pump, diffusion pump, microwave therapy machine.

Ultra low temperature refrigerator

Principle: Generally, secondary refrigeration is used. When the panel shows that the temperature is higher than the set temperature, the first-stage compressor starts the refrigeration system first, so that the temperature of the second-stage refrigerant drops. After a delay of a few minutes, the second-stage refrigeration system also starts to work. Its evaporator on the inner wall of the refrigerator reduces the internal temperature of the refrigerator, and all the heat released by its condenser is absorbed by the evaporator of the first-stage refrigeration system. The heat from the condenser is dissipated into the air. When the internal temperature of the ultra-low temperature refrigerator reaches the set temperature, the resistance of the temperature sensing probe transmits the information, the control relay loses power and disconnects, and the two-stage refrigeration system stops working. 

Application: It can be used to preserve viruses, germs, red blood cells, white blood cells, skin, bones, bacteria, semen, biological products, ocean products, low temperature experiments of electronic devices, etc.; widely used in scientific research institutions, ultra-low temperature experiments of special materials, electronic industry, Chemical industry, military industry, university experiment, biological engineering, ocean fishery, etc.

Laboratory heating equipment selection and process

Electric heating mantle

Principle: The electric heating jacket is made of hemispherical heating made of alkali-free glass fiber and metal heating wire: the inner jacket and the control circuit are composed, which are mostly used for precise temperature control heating of glass containers.

Application: It is suitable for liquid heating in laboratories of colleges and universities, petroleum, chemical industry, medicine, environmental protection and other industries. In addition, the heater has the advantages of large heating, fast heating, no open flame, uniform heating, light weight, safety and electricity saving, and it is not easy to break glassware, so this product is an ideal heating equipment for various laboratories, laboratories and analysis.

Water oil bath

Principle: The oil bath heats the oil in the pot through the heating tube, and converts the temperature of the oil into a variable electric quantity parameter through the temperature sensor. The temperature value is compared with the set value, and the pressure difference between the two is amplified by the operational amplifier, so as to push the actuator (relay or thyristor connected to the heating tube) to work or not, so the temperature is stabilized at the set temperature.

Application: Widely used in biology, medicine, food chemical industry, metallurgy, petroleum and other fields, providing users with a high-precision, uniform temperature constant field source, it is a research institute, colleges and universities, chemical plants, laboratories, quality inspection departments The ideal thermostatic bath.

Magnetic stirrer

Principle: Magnetic stirrer with heater utilizes the property of magnetic substances to repel each other of the same sex, and pushes the magnetic stirrer to rotate by constantly changing the polarities of the two ends of the base. To achieve the purpose of stirring the liquid.

Application: Magnetic stirrer is widely used, mainly used in research fields such as medicine, bioengineering, chemistry, medicine, and food.


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