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Reactor Equipment

Reactor equipment is used to complete physical and chemical reactions to media, such as reactors, reactors, decomposition pots, decomposition towers, polymerization kettles, autoclaves, synthesis towers, shift furnaces, cooking pots, steam balls, autoclaves,etc. 

ZZKD Machinery is one of the professional reactor equipment manufacturers, for 13 years, we have been committed to the research of distillation and extraction equipment. Our reactor for extraction and distillation can generally be divided into: glass reactor, high pressure reactor, crystallization reactor, stainless steel reactor, microwave chemical reactor, hydrothermal synthesis reactor, etc.The main purpose are to extract CBD oil and essential oils.

Structure Of The Reactor Equipment:

Due to the different process conditions and reaction medium, the materials and structures of the reactor for extraction are also different, but the basic composition is the same. Reactor equipment generally includes transmission devices, (motor, reducer) kettle body (top cover, simplified body, kettle bottom) processed connection, etc. In order to strengthen the reaction process, the equipment structure is usually equipped with necessary heat exchange and stirring devices. The material is generally stainless steel or glass.

When choosing reactor for distillation, it can be selected according to the operating pressure, operating temperature, medium form, production capacity, process parameters, material, volume size and stirring power of the equipment.

Reactor Equipment Types And Processes:

Glass reactor

Glass reactors are mainly divided into two categories: single-layer glass reactors and double-layer glass reactors.

Principle: The single-layer glass reactor is a fully closed system as a whole. It uses a circulating water vacuum pump to generate negative pressure to inhale various liquids and gases, and conduct various biochemical reactions and synthesis reactions under constant temperature conditions. The double-layer glass reactor conducts stirring reaction to normal pressure or negative pressure, and the interlayer can introduce freezing liquid, water and high temperature liquid to heat up or cool the material.

Application: Glass reactor is a commonly used biochemical instrument and is widely used in modern fine chemicals, biopharmaceuticals, scientific research and experiments and other industries. separation,distillation,extraction,purification reaction, is the ideal equipment for teaching and production.

High pressure reactor

There are four main types of high pressure reactors: FCF series high pressure reactor, CJF series high pressure stirring high pressure reactor and simple high pressure reactor.

Principle: The high-pressure reaction kettle is a typical innovation of the magnetic transmission device applied to the reaction equipment. It fundamentally solves the shaft sealed leakage problem that the packing seal and mechanical seal could not overcome before, without any leakage and pollution. It is the most ideal device for chemical reactions to the hood.

Application: It is widely used for vulcanization, fluorination, oxidation and other reactions in petroleum, chemical, organic synthesis, polymer material polymerization, food and other processes. It is an ideal non-leakage reactor equipment.

Crystallization reactor

Principle: The crystallization kettle is a crystallization equipment that requires a sharp cool about chilled water or refrigerant water in the interlayer after the mixing reaction of materials. The key links are the size of the interlayer area, the structural form of the agitator and the form of the material outlet, the high-precision polishing inside the tank, and the There is no dead angle in the tank to meet the requirements of process use.

Application: The crystallization kettle is widely used in the production links such as hydrolysis, neutralization crystallization, distillation,extraction, evaporation and storage in the pharmaceutical, chemical, food, light industry and other industries.

Stainless steel reactor

Principle: The stainless steel reaction kettle is a double-layer stainless steel design. The inner layer can be stirred and reacted with a reaction solvent, and the interlayer can be connected to different cold and heat sources (refrigerated liquid, hot water or hot oil) for cyclic heating or cool reactions. Under the set constant temperature, in a closed stainless steel reactor, the stirring reaction can be carried out under normal pressure or negative pressure according to the requirements of use.

Application: It has been widely used in petroleum, chemical, rubber, pesticide, dye, medicine, food, scientific research and other industries to complete the work process of vulcanization, nitration, hydrogenation, alkylation,distillation, polymerization, extraction, condensation and organic dyes and intermediates. 

Microwave chemical reactor

Principle: The microwave chemical reactor utilizes the microwave heating principle and uses the microwave as an energy source. When the microwave interacts with the material molecules, the molecular polarization, orientation, friction, collision, and absorption of microwave energy are generated to produce thermal effects.

Application: It is used in small molecule synthesis, combinatorial chemistry, medicinal chemistry, chemical industry, materials, biology, extraction of traditional Chinese medicine, etc., to help chemists conduct cutting-edge R&D research.

Hydrothermal synthesis reactor

Principle: Working principle: The hydrothermal synthesis reactor adopts an aqueous solution as the reaction system under certain temperature and pressure conditions, and uses the high-temperature and high-pressure aqueous solution to dissolve those substances that are insoluble or insoluble under atmospheric conditions, or react to generate the substance. Dissolving the product, by controlling the temperature difference of the solution, convection is generated to form a supersaturated state and the growth crystal is precipitated.

Application: It can be used in polymerization reaction, high-pressure digestion tank, hydrothermal reaction, pressure-dissolving bomb, and digestion tank. It is a small reactor commonly used in chemical laboratories. It can be used for small-dose synthesis reactions. It can also use strong acid or strong alkali in the tank and High temperature and high pressure airtight environment to achieve the purpose of quickly digesting insoluble substances.


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