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Drying Equipment

ZZKD Machinery is a professional dyring equipment manufacturer, the drying equipment we produce and sell includes: spray drying equipment, freeze drying equipment, industrial drying equipment.

Spray drying equipment : high speed centrifugal spray dryer, used for the production and processing of milk powder, coffee powder, etc.

Freeze-drying equipment : food freeze drying machine for home use, used for freeze drying of fruits, vegetables and other foods.

Industrial drying equipment : vacuum drying oven and hot air circulation drying oven, used for drying heat-sensitive materials, vegetables and fruits, etc.

Drying equipment is an operation process in which the moisture in the wet material is vaporized by thermal energy, and the water vapor or steam is taken away by the airflow or removed by a vacuum pump to obtain a solid product. Since natural drying is far from meeting the needs of production development, various mechanized dryers are more and more widely used. At present, our company's drying equipment includes: vacuum drying oven, blast drying oven, hot air drying oven, spray dryer and freeze dryer. Below we introduce these products.

Freeze dring equipment

The drying technology used by the freeze drying equipment is a material drying process at low temperature, which is to freeze the water-containing material into an ice solid in an airtight container. Then the container is evacuated to a certain degree of vacuum, and then the water-containing material is directly sublimated from a solid state to a gaseous state by heating and heating, the water is removed, and the material is dried and stored, so that the product can maintain its original state for a long time. dissolve.As a professional freeze drying equipment manufacturer, our freeze dryer models are: FD-01, FD-03, FD-04, FD-06, FD-10, FD-50, FD-100. At present, our company mainly manufacuturer home use food freeze dryers, and the capacity of freeze dryers is general. Are relatively small, mostly 1L, 1.5L, 2L.

The difference between vacuum drying oven and freeze drying equipment

The vacuum drying oven is to evaporate and separate water from the dried material in liquid form. Take animals, plants or slurry as an example. These materials are mostly in the form of soft bodies. As the internal moisture migrates and evaporates, the solids will be filled. The voids left by the water molecules leave or move closer to each other, resulting in collapse and agglomeration, and the volume of the solids left shrinks and becomes hard. Wrinkled and hard shell, ordinary dry products are generally difficult to restore or insoluble in water. In drying practice, common dry materials such as various animals, plants and powders will encounter problems such as difficulty in rehydration and reduction, insoluble in water, etc., and even agglomeration after long-term immersion, which is inconvenient to use, and easy to be polluted during the drying process. . The freeze-drying method does not have these problems. The characteristics of freeze-dried products, which are reconstituted or dissolved in water, cannot be achieved by ordinary drying methods, and their crunchy texture also improves the taste of many vegetables, fruits and even Chinese medicinal materials , In particular, the drying process is completely isolated from the outside world, safe and pollution-free.

Therefore, compared with vacuum drying, freeze drying equipment has the following advantages

·Easy to restore by adding water. The lyophilized solid substance exhibits a porous structure due to the sublimation of tiny ice crystals, and maintains the original frozen volume, so it is easy to dissolve and recover after adding water. Compared with vacuum drying oven, freeze-drying technology has unparalleled advantages in maintaining the original physical properties and flavor of products.

·Protect the activity of heat-sensitive substances and keep the nutritional value intact. The whole freeze-drying process is carried out at low temperature, and the low temperature state is still maintained during the sublimation process, so the activity of the substance can be greatly protected.

·Prevent oxidation, no additives, and keep fresh for a long time. The freeze-drying process is carried out in a low-temperature vacuum environment, and microorganisms are not easy to survive, so there is no need for any food additives to enhance the color and taste, and the shelf life is longer.

Freeze drying equipment technology is used in biological products, chemical products, blood products, probiotics, Chinese medicinal materials, heat-sensitive drugs, antibiotic oral freeze-dried tablets and other pharmaceutical fields, food fields, health care products and special engineering materials fields.

Spray drying eqiupment

The spray drying equipment heats the material in the environment of hot air to evaporate the water vapor of the material, separates it from the material and discharges it, thereby removing the moisture in the material to obtain a dry product. As a spray drying equipment manufacturer,our spray dryers are divided into small spray dryers and centrifugal spray dryers, both of which are produced by our company. Our spray dryer models are SD-2L, LPG-5L, LPG-10L, LPG-25L, LPG-50L, LPG-100L, LPG-150L, LPG-200-2000L.

Advantages of spray drying equipment compared to other drying methods

Very little oxygen, easily oxidized substances are protected, and some bacteria lose their vitality due to lack of oxygen;

The spray-dried material is not easy to be oxidized and deteriorated;

The heat-sensitive components that are easy to deploy in the material will not be denatured or lost their vitality;

·The material can form atomized small molecules, keep the original shape after drying, will not shrink, and has a loose and porous sponge structure inside.

·Good rehydration, spray drying equpiment can quickly absorb water and recover, and their brilliance and quality are basically the same as fresh products.

The spray drying equipment is mainly used in scientific research, chemical, pharmaceutical, biological, food and other laboratories in colleges and universities. It can be used in the drying of chemical industry, plastic resin, food industry, food and plants, sugar, and ceramic materials.

Vacuum drying oven

When the vacuum drying box is in use, place the material tray with the medicine to be dried on the heating plate, close the door of the vacuum drying box, and use a vacuum pump to evacuate the box. The heating plate heats the medicine to the specified temperature in the circulating flow of the heating medium, and the water starts to evaporate and gradually withdraw with the vacuum.

As a well known drying equipment manufacturer,our vacuum drying oven models are: DZF-6010, DZF-6020 , DZF-6050, DZF-6090 , DZF-6210 , DZF-6500 . The capacity of the vacuum drying oven is 5L, 25L, 55L, 90L, 215L and 430L. And the price of vacuum drying oven is cheaper than that of freeze dryer. And compared with freeze dryers, vacuum drying ovens have the following advantages:

Better design: streamlined arc design, the shell is made of cold-rolled steel plate, and the surface is electrostatically sprayed;

More intelligent: the temperature control system adopts microcomputer single chip technology, temperature control, timing, and over-temperature alarm;

Easier to clean: The inner tank is made of stainless steel; the semi-circular four corners are easy to clean;

·Good sealing: the integrally formed silicone rubber door seal of the cabinet door ensures a high degree of vacuum in the cabinet;

Vacuum drying ovens and freeze dryers are widely used in research and application fields such as biochemistry, chemical pharmacy, medical and health care, agricultural scientific research, and environmental protection. They are only used for powder drying, baking, and disinfection and sterilization of various glass containers; however, Freeze dryers have long been used at home to freeze dry fruits and vegetables, and are well-received.

Blast drying oven

Under the action of the fan, the blast drying box blows out hot air, which can quickly take away the volatile substance molecules volatilized from the surface of the material through air exchange, so as to achieve the effect of drying the material quickly.

We produce fourteen models of blast drying ovens: DHG-9030A, DHG-9070A, DHG-9140A, DHG-9240A, DHG-9420A, DHG-9620A vertical, DHG-9920A vertical, DHG-9035A, DHG- 9055A, DHG-9075A, DHG-9145A, DHG-9245A, DHG-9425A vertical, DHG-9625A vertical.

·The shell is made of cold rolled steel plate;

The inner tank is made of stainless steel plate or cold-rolled steel plate after anti-corrosion treatment and processing;

·The door of the box is inlaid with rubber strips, which has good sealing performance;

Blast drying ovens are widely used in electromechanical, chemical, plastic, light industry and other industries and scientific research units for baking, drying, curing, heat treatment and other convenient heating of various products and samples.

Hot air circulation drying oven

The air source of the hot air drying oven is driven by the circulating wind power to drive the wind wheel through the heater to send the hot air out, and then go through the air duct to the inner room of the drying box, and then suck the used air into the air duct to become the air source for recirculation and heating for use.

Shell: electrostatic powder coating on the surface of 1.5mm cold-rolled steel plate;

Inner tank: 1.2mm mirror stainless steel plate;

·Insulation layer: ultra-fine temperature-resistant glass fiber cotton;

Sensor: A-grade PT100 platinum resistance;

·Heating method: Nickel-chromium alloy electric heater

Hot air circulation drying ovens are widely used in raw materials, traditional Chinese medicine, powders, granules, vegetables, fruits, etc.


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