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Cooling Chiller

Purpose : circulating and cooling
Models : DLSB

Cooling Chiller-0
Cooling Chiller-1
Cooling Chiller-2
Cooling Chiller-3
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ZZKD Machinery is a manufactuer specializing in providing extraction equipment, and cooling chiller system is one of its supporting equipment.The cooling water chiller lab mainly provides a constant cold source for laboratory equipment, and adopts mechanical refrigeration. , food industry, metallurgical industry, scientific research, genetic engineering, polymer engineering and other scenarios that need to keep low temperature.

Chiller cooling system Structure

The internal structure of the chiller cooling system mainly includes cooling coil, oil separator, compressor, control panel, heat exchanger and filter.

cooling coil

Made of 304 stainless steel, anti-corrosion, easy to clean

oil separator

Separating the lubricating oil in the high-pressure steam ensures the safe and efficient operation of the device, plays the role of absorbing water, filtering impurities, and ensuring the smooth flow of the pipeline system.


Low pressure gas is lifted to high pressure gas to power the refrigeration cycle; the flow rate of the valve is controlled by changing the superheat at the end of the evaporator

Plate Heat Exchanger

High heat exchange efficiency, small heat loss, compact and lightweight structure, long service life

filter drier

Play the role of absorbing water and filtering impurities to ensure the smooth flow of the pipeline system

Chiller cooling system advantages and features

(1) Energy saving - in summer and high ambient temperature, the cooling water chiller lab can be recycled in the system loop, saving a lot of water resources.

(2) Higher efficiency - one cooling chiller can meet the cooling needs of multiple external devices at the same time, and continuously provide low temperature and constant temperature water source, which is suitable for condensation experiments.

(3) Temperature control accuracy - cooling chiller has PID temperature control technology, built-in PT100 sensor, high temperature control accuracy, digital temperature display, intuitive operation

(4) High safety - cooling chiller has self-diagnosis function; freezer overload protection and other safety guarantee functions.

(5) Good compatibility - cooling chiller can be matched with a variety of instruments (rotary evaporator, glass reactor, fermentation tank, freeze drying equipment, biopharmaceutical reactor, etc.)

Cooling water chiller lab Application

As a professional cooling chiller manufacturer,our chiller cooling system can be used in chemistry, biology and physics laboratories. It is the equipment for laboratories of medicine and health, chemical industry, food industry, metallurgical industry, colleges and universities, scientific research, genetic engineering, polymer engineering and so on.

●Analytical instruments: atomic absorption, mass spectrometer, polarimeter

●Scientific experimental equipment: molecular pump rotary evaporator, distiller, fermentation device, laser, metal rapid prototyping device, vacuum coating machine

●Biochemical field: rotary evaporator, Abbe refractometer, polarimeter, atomic absorption, ICP-MS, ICP, nuclear magnetic resonance, CCD, biological fermenter, chemical reactor (synthesizer), etc.

●Material field: electron microscope, X-ray diffraction, X fluorescence, vacuum sputtering plating, vacuum coating machine, ICP etching, various semiconductor equipment, fatigue testing machine, chemical deposition system, atomic deposition system, etc.

●Medical field: superconducting magnetic resonance, linear accelerator, CT, low magnetic field nuclear magnetic resonance, X-ray machine, microwave therapy machine, medical cold cap, cooling blanket, etc.

●Physical and chemical fields: lasers, magnetic fields, various molecular pumps, diffusion pumps, ion pumps and the field of materials. All kinds of water cooling equipment used.

Cooling water chiller lab operating

As a well known cooling chiller manufacturer,we provide professional operation guidance.

1. The location and environment of the cooling chiller should be in a dry and ventilated place, and there should be no obstacles within 30cm around it.

2. Before using the cooling chiller, add liquid medium to the tank above the low temperature coolant circulation pump.

3. The power of the connected power supply should not be less than the total power of the equipment, and a good grounding device is required to ensure the safe and stable operation of the equipment.

4. After the refrigeration switch is turned on, the compressor will start to work after a delay of three minutes.

5. When the cooling chiller is running, pay attention to the usage specifications when the temperature is low, and remember not to put your hands into the tank to prevent frostbite.

6. When the equipment is in external circulation, special attention should be paid to the sealing and firmness of the pipe connection to avoid falling off and leakage.

7. After the experiment is over, turn off the circulating pump switch, refrigeration switch, power switch in turn for the instruments that need to be cooled, then pull down the safety switch and unplug the power plug.

8. If it is not used for a long time, please drain the coolant. Rinse with clean water.

9.Pay attention to the remaining amount of liquid in the tank for a long time, and add liquid in time to avoid the situation of running the equipment without liquid or without liquid.



Storage Volume

Low temperature range

Temperature stability

Refrigeration capacity

Rated Voltage/


Rated Power

Max. Input Current



DLSB 5L-10℃






220V 50HZ




20 L/min

DLSB 5L-20℃




DLSB 5L-30℃



DLSB 5L-40℃





Storage Volume

Low temperature range

Temperature stability

DLSB 5L-10℃




DLSB 5L-20℃


DLSB 5L-30℃


DLSB 5L-40℃



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