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2l Small Cheap Short Path Distillation Kit

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Short-path distillation is a distillation process in which the molecules evaporated on the heating surface travel as short as possible to the condensation surface for condensation under high vacuum conditions, thereby realizing liquid-liquid separation. When the distance between the heating surface and the condensing surface is less than or equal to the mean free path of the evaporated molecules under the operating vacuum and temperature. It has the advantages of low distillation temperature, high distillation vacuum, short heating time and high degree of separation. It is a relatively new separation technology that has not been widely used in industrial production.

Short path distillation applications

Short path distillation applications:

Petrochemical industry: amides, liquid crystals, quinoline derivatives, epoxy resins, isobutyl ketones, resin acids, isocyanates, silicone oils, peroxides, polyethylene glycols, softeners, etc.;

Pharmaceutical industry: amino acid esters, polymer intermediate products, vitamin E, vitamins, etc.;

Oil industry: diglycerides, dimerized fatty acids, fatty acids, fatty acid derivatives, polyglycerides, acids, lanolin, etc.;

Food industry: monoglyceride, lauric acid, propylene glycol, L-lactic acid, cod liver oil, rice bran oil, wheat germ oil, cinnamon oil, rose oil, etc.;

2L Short Path Distillation

2L Short Path Distillation Extraction of Diglycerides

Short-path distillation is mainly used in the separation and purification of temperature-sensitive unstable compounds. Short-path distillation reduces the boiling point of the material by controlling the high vacuum of the system, and the special structure of the evaporator controls the material to be continuous, fast, and rapidly condensed and separated after passing through the heating surface of the evaporator in the form of a thin film; to achieve the separation and purification of temperature-sensitive substances. The residence time of the material in the heated evaporator is often only a few seconds, and the short-path distillation unit is also suitable for high-viscosity materials.

Structure of Short Path Distillation

The short-path distiller is composed of a cylindrical body heated by a jacket, an inner condenser and a rotor and other components. The inner condenser is located in the center of the evaporator, and the rotor rotates between the evaporator and the condenser.

Short Path Distillation Distillation Process

The material is added from the top of the evaporator, and is continuously and evenly distributed on the heating surface through the material-liquid distributor on the rotor, and the film scraper scrapes the product into an extremely thin, turbulent liquid film. During this process, the escaping light molecules are condensed into liquid on the condenser, and flow down the condenser tube and discharged from the discharge tube at the bottom of the evaporator; the residual liquid is collected in the circular channel under the heating zone, and then Flow out through the discharge pipe.

Small short path distillation

Small short-path distillation cod liver oil production equipment

Advantages of Short Path Distillation

1. The distillation temperature is low. Short-path distillation is operated at a temperature far below the boiling point. As long as there is a temperature difference, the separation purpose can be achieved.

2. The distillation vacuum degree is high, and the interior of the short-path distillation device can obtain a high degree of vacuum. Usually, the short-path distillation is operated at a very low pressure, so the material is not easy to be oxidized and damaged.

3. High heat transfer efficiency.

4. The material is heated for a short time and quickly condenses into a liquid. Therefore, the heating time of the distillation material is short, and the residence time at the distillation temperature is generally between several seconds to tens of seconds, which reduces the chance of thermal decomposition of the material.

5. The degree of separation is higher, and short-path distillation can separate substances that are difficult to separate by conventional methods.

6. There is no boiling and bubbling phenomenon. Short-path distillation is free evaporation on the surface of the liquid layer. It is carried out under low pressure and there is no dissolved air in the liquid.

7. Non-toxic, non-residue, non-polluting, harmless, pure and safe products can be obtained. The equipment is small and the operation process is simple. Short path distillation technology can separate substances that are not easily separated by conventional distillation.

8. The energy consumption of the product is small, because the short-path distillation has less superheat loss in the whole separation, and because of the structure of the short-path distillation device, the internal pressure is extremely low, and the internal resistance is much smaller than that of conventional distillation, so it can greatly save energy.

Short path distillation epoxy resin

Short path distillation epoxy resin production equipment

Short-path distillation compared with ordinary distillation features:

1: The separation operation can be realized at a temperature lower than the boiling point of the material, as long as the system pressure is lower than the saturated vapor pressure of the light component of the material and the distance between the heating surface and the heating surface, the purpose of separation can be achieved.

2: Ordinary distillation is operated above the boiling temperature of the material, so evaporation and condensation are a reversible process, and the separation operation of the short-path still (molecular distillation) can be realized below the boiling temperature, so the evaporation of the short-path still (molecular distillation) And condensation is an irreversible process.

3: Ordinary distillation has the phenomenon of bubbling and boiling. The separation operation of the short-path distiller (molecular distillation) is realized below the boiling point temperature, so there is no bubbling and boiling phenomenon, which is conducive to maintaining a high degree of vacuum in the whole system.

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