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Best Small Mini Freeze Dryer Machine Manufacturers

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Freeze-dried food is made by freeze-drying technology and vacuum freeze-drying. At present, there are many types of freeze-dried food on the market. High-quality freeze-dried food keeps the color, aroma, taste, body shape and nutritional content of the original food basically unchanged, and has good rehydration, without any additives, and is healthy Natural health food. Among them, the small food freeze dryer machine produced by ZZKD has many functions and has been widely used in the processing of high-quality freeze-dried food. The following Jordan introduces some application scenarios of small home freeze dryers.

Small freeze dryer to process golden flower tea

Golden camellia tea is rich in more than 400 kinds of nutrients such as tea polysaccharides, tea polyphenols, total saponins, and total flavonoids, which have important health care effects on the human body. At present, in order to preserve the nutrients of camellia tea without loss, and its color and shape remain basically unchanged, small food freeze dryers and production food freeze dryers are used for processing and drying, which have obvious advantages over traditional drying or sun drying. .

Scented tea is very valuable, because it is very sensitive to heat. Drying or drying will destroy and lose nutrients, and the color will turn black and the body will collapse or deform. It cannot preserve the original nutrients of golden flower tea and lose its value. Therefore, in order to ensure that the nutritional components of golden camellia tea, including color, aroma and taste, remain basically unchanged, food freeze-drying processing has become the preferred method.

Small household freeze dryer to process golden flower tea

The small freeze dryer machine uses the principle of sublimation and performs processing through freeze-drying technology. The maquina liofilizadora has the functions of in-situ pre-freezing and one-key start of automatic operation. It is equipped with freeze-drying process settings, data storage, freeze-drying Curve query and other functions, including vacuum drying mode and program drying mode, can be selected arbitrarily, matching various protection functions to ensure the drying effect and smooth progress.

Small freeze dryer freeze-dried aloe vera gel

Aloe vera gel is purified from the pure natural woody plant aloe vera. In order to increase the stability and long-term preservation at room temperature, the freeze-drying technology of aloe vera gel freeze-dried powder is used, and the cosmetic freeze dryer machine is used for processing. The original active ingredients can be preserved and the stability of aloe vera gel can be increased. storage, transportation and distribution.

Small household freeze dryer freeze dried aloe vera gel

The freeze-drying technology of aloe vera gel freeze-dried powder uses the principle of sublimation, determines the low-temperature freezing temperature according to the eutectic point of the aloe vera gel, performs low-temperature pre-freezing and crystallizes into a solid state, and then under the high vacuum environment, according to the eutectic point requirements of the aloe vera gel Drying and analysis are carried out once, and the solid ice in the aloe vera gel is directly sublimated into a gaseous state without being liquefied and removed to obtain aloe vera gel freeze-dried powder with a water content of less than 1%. Aloe vera gel freeze-dried powder freeze-drying technology is the low-temperature freezing crystallization that has been required for aloe vera gel, and sublimation drying in a controlled temperature range and a vacuum environment can ensure that heat-sensitive and volatile substances are obtained during the freeze-drying process. Protection, oxidation reaction and enzyme growth are curbed, active ingredients and trace elements remain basically unchanged, and the original color and body shape remain unchanged.

Aloe vera gel freeze-dried powder uses mature freeze-drying technology and is processed by cosmetic freeze dryer machine to obtain freeze-dried powder with less than 1% water content, which has instant solubility and can be stored at room temperature for a long time. At present, cosmetic freeze dryer machines are widely used in aloe vera gel freeze-dried, anthocyanin freeze-dried, astaxanthin freeze-dried, oligopeptide extract freeze-dried, rose flower extract freeze-dried and other processing applications.

Small Food Freeze Dryer Freeze Dried Scallops and Seafood

Scallops are rich in nutrients. Freeze-drying of scallops is to directly sublimate the water in aquatic products from solid to gaseous state under the condition of low temperature and low vacuum, so as to achieve the purpose of stabilization and dehydration. Using scallop freeze-drying technology and seafood freeze dryer machine for scallop freeze-drying solves the problems that traditional drying and microwave drying will destroy nutrients, storage and circulation and inconvenience in eating.

The seafood freeze dryer machine uses the principle of sublimation to freeze the scallops into a solid state at a low temperature, and then directly sublimes the solid ice into a gaseous state in a vacuum environment, leaving a scallop freeze-dried product with very little water and a loose shape. After drying, the original color, aroma, taste and nutrients are basically unchanged.

Small Household Food Freeze Dryer Freeze Dried Scallops and Seafood

Seafood freeze-drying steps: raw material sortingcleaningcookingfreezing-freeze-dryingpackaging and other processing procedures.

Scallop freeze-drying process:

1. Raw material sorting: select the scallops that need to be freeze-dried

2. Cleaning: Wash the scallops in running water.

3. Cooking: After cleaning, boil the scallops in salt water, then remove, drain and wait to dry.

4. Freeze-drying: put the pretreated scallops on a plate, put them into the freeze-drying chamber of the food freeze dryer machine, and freeze them to -45°C at a low temperature. In the vacuuming stage, when the vacuum degree drops below 30Pa, the temperature is increased. After drying, the temperature was raised to 50°C, the material temperature line was parallel to the separator temperature line, and the drying was completed.

Small Food Freeze Dryer Freeze Dried Fruit Yogurt Blocks

After the fruit yogurt block is freeze-dried, the yogurt block retains the original body shape, color and nutritional composition basically unchanged, and has good rehydration. At present, most of the freeze-dried foods on the market cannot be rehydrated or the rehydration effect is not good, the color, flavor, etc. cannot be preserved, and the nutrients are lost.

Small Household Food Freeze Dryer Freeze Dried Fruit Yogurt Blocks

The freeze-drying of yogurt blocks is based on the principle of sublimation, through the low-temperature freezing and crystallization of a food freeze dryer machine, and then performing a three-stage operation process of primary drying and analytical drying in a vacuum environment. The separator of ZZKD food freeze dryer has refrigeration temperature control, separator temperature control, precise control of heating rate, and the uniformity control of separator is ±1℃. Vacuum degree control meets the range of 2.7~80pa. During the whole drying process, it has been running in a low temperature and vacuum environment, so the sublimation rate can be effectively controlled to ensure that the food material does not disintegrate during the sublimation process, so the original molecular structure of the yogurt block is not destroyed, and the original yogurt block is preserved. The color, aroma, taste and nutrient composition of the product are basically unchanged.

ZZKD small home food freeze dryer machine equipment meets the technical requirements of freeze-drying process of food materials, and can set the freeze-drying process that meets the requirements. It is not only suitable for freeze-drying of various dairy products, but also freeze-drying of various fruits and vegetables. , Meat freeze-dried, coffee freeze-dried, tea freeze-dried and seafood freeze-dried, to meet the preservation of the original natural nutrition to meet the drying requirements.

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