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How to Make Rose Essential Oil?

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Rose is native to China and is now widely planted in Bulgaria, Turkey, France, Morocco, Egypt, Italy, Shandong, Xinjiang and other places in China. Likes sunny areas with an annual rainfall of 300-1000nm, the soil with deep soil layer, loose texture, fertile and good permeability grows best; it can tolerate weakly alkaline soil and is not suitable for acidic soil. Bulgaria is rich in Damascus roses and has a unique geographical and climatic environment. From May to June every year, it is the rose season, with plenty of rain, cloudy weather, almost no scorching sun, relatively high air humidity, and often dew, which not only helps to prolong the flowering period , and also inhibits the evaporation of volatile components, so the quality and yield of the essential oil extracted from Damascus rose ranks first in the world.

The types of roses

There are many varieties of roses, but there are only three varieties that are really used to extract essential oils: Damascus rose, Moroccan rose, and white rose.

Damascus rose

Damascus rose is mainly grown in Bulgaria and Turkey, commonly known as Oriental rose, with an open and rich smell. The difference between the Damascus roses produced in Bulgaria and Turkey lies in the content of rose wax; due to the high altitude and humid climate in Bulgaria, the content of rose wax is less, and the extracted essential oil has a warmer aroma. Damascus rose is the most commonly used variety for extracting rose essential oil. About 3500 to 5000 kilograms of flowers can extract 1 kilogram of essential oil. It has the effect of regulating and straightening the cardiac circulation problems caused by pessimistic consciousness such as fatigue and depression for a long time, such as irregular heart rate, palpitations and panic caused by menopause. It is also an important liver nourishing oil and can be used in combination with other essential oils of the same nature or alternatively.

Moroccan roses

Moroccan roses are mainly produced in Morocco and France, also known as Chiba roses. The pink petals cover the heart of the flower layer by layer, as if to protect the secret. It is often extracted into the original essence by solvent extraction. The main component is phenylethyl alcohol, which can act on the sympathetic nervous system, regulate nerve transmission to substances, and effectively boost emotions. For dry, fine lines, and mature skin, it has a very good nursing effect, and the effect of conditioning emotional distress is excellent.

White roses

White roses grow in Bulgaria. The essential oil is distilled from flowers. The main component is monoterpene alcohol, which has similar curative effect as Damascus rose. It is very suitable for women. It can nourish the uterus, nourish the liver and blood, boost immunity, regulate the nervous system, and help release stress. , Relaxing mood, has a slight menstrual effect, it is not beneficial to use before six months of pregnancy.

The role of rose essential oil

1. Contains a lot of citronellol and geraniol, soothes the liver and regulates qi, and has an excellent effect on the maintenance and repair of the liver. The liver and kidney are homologous, the liver stores blood and the kidney stores essence, and the essence and blood multiply each other. Good nourishment for the uterus. It can soothe the liver and regulate qi, reduce liver inflammation, and use rose essential oil for problems such as irregular menstruation and menopause.

2. Geraniol, which is rich in rose essential oil, can play a very good role in anti-aging. The powerful antioxidant capacity reduces the impact of the outside world on the skin and reduces free radicals to maintain the activity of its own cells. Blended with frankincense, orange blossom, jasmine and other essential oils to help the skin reduce signs of aging.

3. It has strong antifungal ability, inhibits the growth of fungi, and has a good improvement effect on dermatophytes. Because of the high price, rose essential oil is rarely added in such formulas. Generally, tea tree, lemon, lavender, etc. are used. It can have a very good effect; it can also dilate blood vessels and lower blood pressure; it also has a good effect in anti-inflammatory.

The use of rose essential oil

Diffuser: Use a diffuser or a diffuser to add a few drops of rose essential oil to the water, and use the diffuser to heat the water to make the essential oil diffuse into the air.

Bath: Add 5ml of rose essential oil or 50-100ml of rose stock solution into a hot water pool, stir fully before entering the pool, and control the water temperature at about 39 ℃. In milk, honey, bath salts, easy to mix with water.

Skin care: When washing your face every morning, you can drop a drop of rose essential oil in warm water and apply it to your face with a towel to delay aging and keep your skin healthy and bright.

Skin massage: Put 2 drops of rose essential oil and 2 drops of sandalwood essential oil in 5 ml of massage base oil, 1-2 times a week for facial skin massage, which can make the skin moist, soft, youthful and energetic.

The skin care benefits of rose essential oil

Efficacy 1. Whitening effect

Whitening effect

Whitening principle: Rose essential oil is the only natural essential oil in nature that can penetrate deep into the skin and the human body without leaving chemical residues. It is an aromatic liquid substance extracted from the flowers, leaves, seeds and other parts of natural plants. The molecular structure of rose essential oil is very small, it is more acceptable to the skin, the absorption rate is almost perfect, and the most important thing is that it is natural, pure, and has no side effects.

Efficacy 2, freckle removal effect

moisturizing effect

The principle of freckle removal: Rose essential oil contains a variety of natural detoxification and beauty ingredients, which can remove pigmentation and maintain the skin, so that the skin can be protected from external pollution factors. It can make the skin more fair and hydrated, and avoid the trouble of pigmentation. Rose essential oil contains more than ten kinds of natural plant multiple whitening ingredients, which can prevent the formation of melanin in cells at different stages, and at the same time promote the renewal of aging cells, so that the skin color can be kept fresh and bright.

Efficacy 3, moisturizing effect

freckle removal effect

Moisturizing principle: Among many plants, the most representative moisturizing plant is rose. Rose essential oil has super hydrating ability and can provide enough nutrients to the skin, so that the skin can be radiant even in dry spring.

The preparation method of rose essential oil

1. Steam distillation method (can be made at home)

The principle of steam distillation method: heating water and plant materials together, under the action of steam pressure, the oil glands of plant cells open and release aromatic components, so that essential oils and water vapor are steamed together. Taking advantage of the characteristics of the essential oil components being volatile, insoluble in water and not reacting with water, the rose essential oil is finally obtained by condensation and collection.

Steps to extract rose essential oil at home:

1. Put clean rose petals into the flask first, then add purified water, cover half of the flask, and place it on the induction cooker.

2. Connect the condensing device to the flask, connect the hoses of the water inlet and outlet, and connect the collecting rosettes.Flask of rose volatiles.

3. Heat the flask with electricity, and keep the fire on medium after the water boils. During this period, the color of the rose petals will gradually fade, and you will see an oily liquid dripping out from the end of the condenser.

4. After the distillation is over (there is no more oil-like liquid dripping from the outlet of the condenser), a large amount of liquid is collected in the collection bottle, and then 5ml of 0.1g/ml sodium chloride solution is added to accelerate the stratification and reduce the Solubility of essential oils in water.

5. Let stand overnight, and the essential oil and distilled water are layered. The top oil is rose oil.

2. Solvent extraction method

Traditional solvent extraction typically involves mixing the solvent with the plant material, followed by filtration. Subsequently, the solvent was evaporated and concentrated to obtain a filtrate, and the filtrate was dissolved in ethanol, and the impurities were removed by low-temperature filtration. Finally, the ethanol is evaporated to obtain rose absolute oil. The extraction solvent is generally acetone, hexane, petroleum ether, methanol or ethanol.

Solvent extraction method

Solvent extraction is a commonly used method for the extraction of rose essential oil. Using n-hexane as a solvent, it is fully contacted with plant materials to extract aromatic compounds, and a semi-solid rose filtrate is obtained. The filtrate is dissolved in ethanol, and the solvent is removed. The liquid obtained by removing the solvent has a typical rose. Aroma, solvent extraction yield is 10 times that of traditional distillation, and the yield of essential oil reaches 0.1-0.2%.

3. Supercritical CO2 extraction method

Due to the traditional extraction methods, there are some disadvantages, such as long time, the use of a large amount of organic solvents, low extraction rate, toxic solvent residues and so on. Therefore, supercritical fluid extraction technology is considered as an alternative method for essential oil extraction. It utilizes the special dissolving ability of fluid under critical temperature and pressure conditions to extract and separate compounds. Because CO2 has moderate critical conditions, it is often used as a supercritical fluid. CO2 is a liquid at high pressure and is used for aromatic extraction due to its inertness and safety. Liquid CO2 turns into gas at normal temperature and pressure, so that the final product has no solvent residue. The extraction of rose essential oil by supercritical CO2 extraction has the advantages of low extraction temperature, small loss of components and high product purity. Therefore, it has also been extensively studied in the processing of natural products, especially spices.

Supercritical CO2 extraction method

4. Molecular distillation technology

Molecular distillation technology is an effective method for separating and purifying molecules, especially unstable natural substances that are sensitive to temperature. Thermal decomposition losses of substances should be avoided as much as possible. Therefore, molecular distillation technology has great potential in separating and purifying complex and thermally sensitive natural product molecules. In order to obtain high-quality products, the crude rose oil must be extracted from the flowers first, and then decolorized and deodorized by molecular distillation technology to achieve the purpose of refining.

Molecular distillation technology

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