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Itch to Buy Rotary Evaporator?Latest Price for You

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The price of rotary evaporator currently on the market varies according to different models and brands.Our small(mini) rotary evaporator generally range from $600.00 to $2000.00 (larger ones are more expensive).

Rotary Evaporator Latest Price: Get Latest Price

RE-201d Rotary evaporator

Mini rotary evaporator, laboratory small distillation equipment.

Equipment name (and supporting equipment)


RE-201D Mini Vacuum Rotary Evaporator


Circulating Water Vacuum Pump

$250.00 - $300.00

Circulating Cooling Water Chiller

$300.00 - $1,500.00

So, in addition to considering the price of the rotary evaporator, how should buyers buy the right rotary evaporator? Jordan recommends that purchasing a rotary evaporator should start with selecting the size of the rotary evaporator. When purchasing, consider the evaporation rate of the rotary evaporator first, and then consider the supporting equipment that needs to be selected.

Considerations when buying a rotary evaporator:

1. The volume of the evaporating flask of the rotary evaporator.

The specifications of the rotary evaporator are distinguished by the volume of the evaporating flask, so the quantity of the evaporated material determines the volume of the evaporating flask. Generally speaking, 2L, 3L, and 5L rotary evaporator are suitable for small-scale laboratory experiments; 5L, 10L, and 20L are suitable for pilot tests; 20L and 50L are suitable for pilot tests and production.

2. Rotary evaporator evaporation rate.

It is understood that for the same specification of the rotary evaporator, there are four main factors affecting the evaporation rate of the rotary evaporator: the temperature of the heating bath, the vacuum degree in the rotary evaporator, the temperature of the cooling medium in the condenser and the rotation speed of the evaporating flask.

3. Rotary evaporator heating bath temperature.

The higher the heating bath temperature, the more violent the material evaporation. However, the commonly used temperature is 60°C due to the constraints of material thermal tolerance, use safety and energy consumption. According to the industry, the heating bath temperature is moderate, the volatilization rate of water is low, and the energy utilization rate is high.

4. Vacuum degree of rotary evaporator.

The maximum vacuum degree of the rotary evaporator is 133pa (1.33mbar, 1Torr, 0.098Mpa). In terms of the temperature of the cooling medium of the condenser, the relationship between the material temperature and the vacuum degree is in line with the relationship between the material saturation temperature and the saturation pressure. When the degree of vacuum is determined, the temperature of the cooling medium depends on the type of material.

5. Rotary evaporator evaporating flask speed.

The higher the rotation speed of the evaporation bottle, the larger the heating area, and the thicker the liquid film thickness, which increases the heat transfer temperature difference. For materials with different viscosities, the rotational speed is different.

6. Rotary evaporator supporting equipment.

The rotary evaporator needs vacuum equipment and cold source equipment as supporting equipment. It is recommended to use a circulating water vacuum pump or a diaphragm vacuum pump that is resistant to corrosion by various solvents. The cold source equipment needs to be selected according to the evaporation amount and the temperature of the cooling medium.

Advantages of ZZKD rotary evaporator equipment:

1. Cheap price and fast delivery.

2. The rotary evaporator is easy to operate.

3. It can be connected with solvent recycling equipment, and can improve the recycling rate.

4. Condenser and other instruments use high borosilicate glass, which is safer to use.

What are the key components of the rotary evaporator:

1. Turn the motor and push the evaporating bottle according to the rotation of the motor;

2. Evaporating tube, rotate the support shaft, and suck out the sample;

3. Vacuum system to reduce the pressure of the rotary evaporator facility;

4. The liquid heating pot is generally used to warm the test product with water;

5. Condenser, condensing agent such as liquid nitrogen and acetone for refrigeration;

6. Refrigerate the sample collection bottle. After the sample is refrigerated, it enters the collection bottle.

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